• Tiered seating for up to 180 people with availability for additional seating up to 280
  • State of the art lighting rig and sound desks
  • Sprung floor performance area and raised stage available on request
  • Minimum booking 3 hours

from £50.00 per hour

  • November 2020
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Please select a Date

Multiple / Block Bookings

You can make multiple or block bookings through the site yourself by manually booking each slot as required, or alternatively you can contact us to arrange a block booking by telephone on 01782 205915, or email at facilities@beeactive.co.uk.

Block bookings can be paid in whole or on a per session basis.

Theatre Bookings

  • The minimum booking for our theatre is 3 hours
  • If you require additional setup, or a theatre technician, please add an hour prior to your event start time
  • Optional extras are available as per our booking form, however if you have any additional requirements then please contact us by telephone on 01782 205915 or by email at info@beeactive.co.uk to discuss further
  • The prices shown are indicative of a standard booking, any extra service or features required after consultation will be agreed and charged separately


  • If you do not vacate the facility at the end of your booking you will be charged at the overrun rate.
  • If someone is booked onto your facility you will not be able to overrun.
  • If the facility is available and you would like to overrun, then this is charged as below.
  • Card or cash payments are taken at the start of the overrun.
Overrun Charges
Monday – Friday £50 per hour
Saturday – Sunday £70 per hour

Terms & Conditions

  • If a technical pre-meeting is required with the technician this will be arranged once payment has been made. The details and technical requirements of the booking will be agreed at this time and any additional fees required will be finalised based on any changes agreed at the meeting.
  • Any repairs/maintenance required due to damage to the surface of the theatre flooring must be paid for in full.
  • The theatre cancellation period is separate to our standard cancellation terms. Cancellation must be received four weeks before the event is due to take place otherwise the booking will be non-refundable, nor will credit notes be issued.
  • Tape must not be used on the theatre floor.
  • At the end of every performance the theatre must be returned to its original state as agreed with the technician in preparation for the following day, eg no props/equipment must be left in the theatre.
  • All litter must be collected and placed in bags.
  • All electrical equipment must be PAT tested.

You are also advised to read our standard Terms & Conditions and our Fire & Evacuation Procedure.

All persons attending our locations and facilities must adhere to our Code of Conduct.